Top Tack Cleaning Tips From Absorbine

June 28, 2011 8:42 am by
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Absorbine are not just known for their supremely effective grooming products, there are also fly control, hoof care, muscle care and even leather care products available and all of them match the exacting standards set by the renowned ShowSheen.

One of the unsung heroes is Horseman’s One Step leather cleaner and conditioner. As it says on the pot, it cleans and conditions in one easy step – great either at home or when travelling to shows.
Here are some tips to help you keep tack in tip top condition:

  • Clean and check tack at least every two weeks – check the stitching and the leather for cracks and wearing thin.
  • Get saddles checked at least once a year and after a fall, just in case the tree has been damaged.
  • Clean mud and sweat off leatherwork as soon as possible, leaving dirt on leather will not do it any good.
  • Use Horseman’s One Step to wipe away dirt and sweat in one easy step, ;eaving the leather soft and conditioned. It requires no water, just a damp sponge to work Horseman’s One Step over the leather. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat and salt while helping to restore a natural shine. Its great for use on saddles, bridles, boots, belts, luggage, shoes, handbags and most leather garments – in fact just about anything leather! It penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy residue and it will not darken most leathers.
  • Undo buckles and billets to clean thoroughly – these are the most vulnerable areas and the leather needs to be cleaned and checked.
  • To remove jockeys (the build up of grease and dirt) a traditional method is to rub them with a ball of mane or tail hair. Alternatively, use a damp sponge and Horseman’s One Step and work in a circular motion.
  • Finally for really sparkling bits and stirrup irons, put them in the dishwasher – it really does work.

Horseman’s One Step is a convenient, one-step leather cleansing and conditioning cream that leaves a beautiful satin sheen with no greasy residue.

Available in 425g RRP approx £8.00 and 3.2kg RRP approx £44.00 from your local Absorbine stockist.