New Absorbine Hoofcare Range – Out Now!

March 20, 2012 11:31 am by
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Absorbine’s New Hooflex, Hoofcare Range

Absorbine have launched a great new Hooflex® Hoofcare range for 2012, providing complete hoof care for all conditions.  At the heart of the new Hooflex® Hoofcare range is the breathable moisture barrier the Hooflex® products create within the hoof, whilst nourishing it and helping it to stay healthy.

Hooflex® Original Liquid Conditioner, is an easy-to-apply liquid form of Hooflex® Original Ointment.  Made with the same unique formula of nine active ingredients, it uses a breathable barrier to help maintain the proper moisture balance necessary to keep hooves pliable all year round. The liquid form of Hooflex All Natural Dressing makes it easy to apply with a shine that lasts two to three days. It is available in a 444ml container with brush-in-cap. (RRP £12.10)

  • Increases hoof strength and flexibility to prevent cracks
  • Ideal for horses with poor hoof condition
  • Leaves a healthy shine and works as an excellent show dressing
  • Brush-in-cap keeps hands clean
  • Available in 444ml liquid with brush

 Hooflex® Frog & Sole Care, helps soothe the hoof and eliminates odours caused by bacteria and fungi.  The liquid formula penetrates the frog and sole tissue and will not sting, stain, or dry the hoof.  Hooflex Frog and Sole Care is easily applied with the special squeeze applicator which is specially-designed to reach deep into the frog. (RRP £13.50)

  • Helps eliminate hoof odours caused by bacteria and fungi
  • Does not sting, stain or dry out the hoof
  • Ideal for horses with odorous hoof conditions
  • Available in 355ml bottle

Hooflex® Natural Spray, contains avocado and tea tree oil, to promote strong, healthy hoof growth and to deep condition the hoof and highlight the natural shine.  It helps maintain the moisture balance in the foot, especially for horses kept barefoot and is delivered in a quiet spray application which is convenient, clean and easy to use.  It is available in a 148ml spray. (RRP £10.80)

·         Quiet sprayer that won’t spook your horse
·         NOW with Avocado & Tea Tree Oil
·         Helps Promote Healthy Hoof Growth
·         Enhances natural hoof colour without chemicals or dyes
·         Penetrates fast with no greasy residue
·         All natural vegetable oils, no petroleum distillates

Hooflex® Original Conditioner, is Americasbest selling hoof conditioner and has been recommended by farriers for over 85 years. Its unique formula of nine therapeutic ingredients helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing conditioners necessary for proper moisture balance. Regular use of Hooflex will keep the frog, sole, heel, and coronary band flexible, healthy, and resistant to cracking. It is available in 709g.
  • Nourishes all parts of the hoof
  • Maintains longlasting moisture balance
  • Helps protect against drying and cracking

The full range of Absorbine products are available from Equestrian retailers and Absorbine Stockists.  For more product information, visit, or email  Find us on facebook at