Rare & Native Breeds Exhibition

November 23, 2010 11:37 am by
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Earlier this month, Nichola Ash, from The Fell Pony society, contacted us to see if we could donate some product for their fund-raising raffle at the Rare & Native Breeds exhibition. We were only too pleased to help out, as ever since we saw our sponsored rider, Jo Bates, riding and producing Denise Bumford’s champion fell, Hamish, we’ve had a real soft spot for these hardy ponies.

The Native & Rare breed exhibition, held on the 13th and 14th of November at the Newark Showground, was introduced to support the wonderful animals that have shaped the British Isles over thousands of years. The show has a fantastic turnout of native and rare breeds, craftsman and women, experienced show competitors, breed societies, animal charities, bygones, and much more.

During the weekend demonstrations take place inside and outside in the show rings with the exhibitors themselves giving advice, breed information and educational facts about their much loved breed. The Fell Pony society also paraded their ponies three times a day!

For the raffle, we donated some ShowSheen Moisturising Detangler Gel and a bottle of the brand new ShowSheen Finishing Mist (available in the UK from early 2011). This helped them to raise over £100.00 for The Fell Pony Society and they also took third place in the best stand awards! If you would like more information on The Fell Pony society please visit www.fellponysociety.org.uk/