NEW – Magic Cushion Hoof Packing from Absorbine

January 22, 2014 12:53 pm by
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NEW Hooflex® Magic Cushion® From Absorbine®

 W F Young Inc., manufacturers of the renowned Absorbine® range of grooming, hoof care, fly control and leather care products, have launched Magic Cushion® hoof packing to the UK market.  Magic Cushion hoof packing is a great addition to the trusted Absorbine® Hooflex® hoof care range, providing advanced levels of hoof care for performance horses especially in challenging conditions.

Hooflex Magic Cushion hoof packing is an efficient way to cool and cushion bruised soles and sore feet.  Thermographic tests show that the all-natural formula starts working to reduce heat in hooves in just one hour and the cleaning and cushioning properties help to keep soles in good condition, even under pads.

Hooflex Magic Cushion can be used on shod and barefoot horses.  It’s sticky, spongy texture enables it to mould perfectly to the horses sole. One application of Magic Cushion lasts up to 48 hours.

Magic Cushion is widely known to farriers in the US and Europe as a trusted and effective hoof packing.  Magic Cushion is formulated for use before and after athletic competition and under pads. It is a natural, capsicum free product and will not test positive in any equine discipline.

How to use Magic Cushion:

Step 1: Thoroughly clean all areas of the hoof using a hoof pick and if necessary, a stiff or wire brush. Magic Cushion must come into direct contact with the sole to be effective.

Step 2: Apply an amount of hoof packing to the sole sufficient enough to cover the entire sole and cleft of the frog half an inch in depth.
Step 3: If your horse has shoes on, put his foot own in sawdust or shavings to keep the hoof packing in place and to allow the liquid ingredients to be absorbed into the sole. If your horse is barefoot, you will need to wrap the hoof to keep the hoof packing in place. Replace every 24-48 hours.

Magic Cushion can also be packed under a pad for the duration of the shoes.

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