NEW Absorbine BotanicalsTM Body Rinse and Massage Foam

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NEW Absorbine BotanicalsTM Body Rinse and Massage Foam

When it comes to caring for sore muscles and tendons,

Absorbine® has been trusted by horse owners since 1892.  Now Absorbine has used its 123 years of knowledge and expertise to develop an exciting new formula: Absorbine BotanicalsTM.

Absorbine BotanicalsTM provides a relaxing reward for your horse by helping to calm and comfort tired muscles.  The soothing aromatherapy of Botanicals comes in an economical concentrated Body Rinse and a convenient drip-free Massage Foam. Both forms of Absorbine BotanicalsTMare natural herbal products containing a blend of a dozen herbs and essential oils, including aloe vera and arnica.

Chris Jacobi, Absorbine’s General Manager, Equine Division said, “We are delighted to launch the new Botanicals range in the UK.  Our long heritage of developing horse care products, combined with the latest trends for natural herbal products, has enabled us to create these exciting new formulas and horses seem to love them!”

Absorbine BotanicalsTM Body Rinse gently cools sore muscles and tendons when added to water for an after workout wash.  The natural formula leaves the skin and coat conditioned with a healthy shine.  It is super concentrated; just one 251ml bottle of Absorbine BotanicalsTMBody Rinse makes over 100 litres of the soothing wash.  As with all Absorbine products, the Botanicals Body Rinse comes in sturdy easy-to-use packaging with a non-drip cap and handy hook to hang the bottle up easily.  The bottle is even calibrated to indicate how much to use.

Absorbine BotanicalsTM Massage Foam gently soothes muscles and tendons after exercise.  Simply massage the foam onto tired legs and muscles to soothe, relax and relieve soreness. A soothing, relaxing massage can also help you develop a bond with your horse. The light foam is drip free for easy application and can be used under all types of wraps and bandages.  It is available in a 473ml pump action bottle for easy dispensing.

W. F. Young Inc., manufacturers of the renowned Absorbine® range of grooming, hoof care, fly control and leather care products, launched Absorbine BotanicalsTMNatural Herbal Massage Foam and Body Rinse in the US in 2014 and the products are now available in the UK. 

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