How to groom like a pro with ShowSheen

March 31, 2014 12:30 pm by
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2014 is the 40th Anniversary of Absorbine’s most renowned product, ShowSheen. To help celebrate this milestone, Absorbine USA have come up with the following tips to maximise the impact of using ShowSheen on your horse. 

Apply ShowSheen to manes and tails before detangling, making sure
to coat the ends. Tip; using your fingers to unravel knots will reduce breakage. 

Apply polish or ShowSheen Detangler Gel to the area and allow to 
soak in for 5 minutes, then burrs will slide right out. Tip; isolate 
clumps of burrs by pulling hairs away from them. Spray problem 
areas before turnout to reduce grooming time. 

Repel Dust
Apply our polish over the coat to keep the horse clean longer. 

Muddy Legs
Apply polish to legs to keep mud from sticking during turnout. 

Drying Out 
New pro-vitamins and silk proteins add moisture to hair shaft 
for deep conditioning. 

Enhanced Shine 
Apply polish directly or spray onto a rag or brush. Use 
ShowSheen Finishing Mist for a light, even distribution. 
Skip the saddle area if you are about to ride! 

Smooth down unruly fly-aways with a spray of ShowSheen. 

Apply polish liberally to areas to be clipped and let dry. 
This helps clippers glide through hair, reducing clipper 
marks, and clippers won’t get as hot or as dull as quickly. 

Apply polish before blanketing your horse to keep him more comfortable in winter. It reduces friction points, eliminates 
static electricity and keeps the coat smelling fresh.