Get Voting for the Absorbine Groom’s Home and Away Award

June 27, 2012 2:53 pm by
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The Absorbine Grooms’s Home and Away Award is now opening for voting.
Six lucky finalists have been selected by the judging panel for the Absorbine Groom’s Home and Away Award and are now going forward to the public voting stage, which is now open!
David Wolley
2011 Groom’s Home and Away Award Winner
Mark Chesters, groom to Jayne Webber and Carol Bardo, has been nominated for the second year running and his employers are hoping that this year will be his time to shine. Mark is joined in the nominations by Joanna Jack who works for producer Katie Jerram, where she has been based for eight years. Elizabeth Mangham and Charlotte Davis are both battling illness, but still manage to attend shows and produce their ponies to the highest standard. New Grandmother Sally Ward now has babysitting to juggle with grooming for her daughter and still finds time to attend all training sessions, and finally Leigh Pedler who helps out with 17 horses and has not had a day off for eight years!

You have until the 10th September 2012 to vote and the winners will be presented with their title and award at the buffet repetion on the 2nd October at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, NEC.

For more information on any of the nominees and the great work they do visit