Equestrian Life Magazine reader Kathryn Woolley puts Absorbine Magic Cushion to the test

May 15, 2014 9:46 am by
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Equestrian Life Magazine reader Kathryn Woolley used Absorbine Magic Cushion on her ex-racehorse and sent over the following Tried and Tested article which was published in the May issue of leading regional equestrian magazine, Equestrian Life.

Figure 1

Figure 1. shows two areas of bruising known as corns.

Corns are more frequently found in the front feet as more weight is passed through them.  There are many causes of this type of bruising:

Injury from stone

Irregular ground


Poor irregular shoeing




Figure 2

In this horses case it is due to concussion and the conformation of the hoof.  The horse is a TB with flat feet.  As you can see from figure 2. the hoof doesn’t show any signs of imbalance, and is regularly correctively shod, every 5 weeks.

The Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion was used underneath a pad, which was then nailed on, under the shoe.  This stayed on for 5 weeks until the horse was reshod.

Once the horse had the shoes, pads and Magic Cushion removed the bruising has considerably improved, due to ease of pressure.  This is shown in Figure 3.

The Magic Cushion has now been removed and will possibly be reapplied in the summer months if the ground hardens and concussion increases.

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