Grassroot Eventer gives Absorbine Product Review

August 28, 2015 12:26 pm by
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Grassroot Eventer gives Absorbine Product Review

We recently received a lovely message for a keen young event rider, Megan Alecock, 14, from Dorset. Megan competes at Grassroots level with her 14.1 Welsh D X skewbald mare, Hamlin Ester. The pair headed to Badminton Grassroots back in May and Absorbine kitted them out with some of their best selling products to ensure Ester sparkled in the ring at Badminton. Megan tested out the products whilst she was there and gave us her review:

Absorbine Botanicals:
I was thrown back by the amazing results of the Botanical Range! After exercise I love to apply the massage foam on the key working muscles. I couldn’t believe the reaction when I first used this product; Ester was relaxed, quiet, happy and very calm. The massage foam is distinguished in a white, easy application foam with a gorgeous herbal scent which doesn’t stain the legs, and instead leaves the muscles cooled, supple and relaxed. The massage foam seemed miraculous and I couldn’t help try a bit myself. A great treat for horse and rider after a hard day at work.

With the Botanicals Body Wash a little goes a long way with an amazing outcome! After our cross country at Badminton I washed Ester down with it and I could really feel the difference. It’s a lovely herbal refresher which cools and relieves the muscles after a strenuous day. The scent was superior and as was the results.

Hooflex All Natural Dressing and Conditioner: Hooflex Natural Dressing and Conditioner is exactly what it says and more! No nasty surprises or extras, all natural and a really good dressing and conditioner. Hooflex Natural Dressing leaves the hooves shiny without the grease and conditions the hooves. When you’re busy eventing and you’re slipping in and out of the lorry ready to get to your next discipline all those little time wasting activities add up. With Hooflex you can put it on at 8 in the morning and the hooves will still look fabulous once you’ve finished.

Absorbine SuperPoo Conditioning shampoo: I used this shampoo before the day of Badminton Grassroots on Ester who has great ‘white’ legs and a luscious white tail. These are always exposed to the mud and we have tried everything to get the stains out but I have never seen results like this. To see gleaming white legs and a clean tail is a dream come true. The effects were deep cleaning, long lasting and apple scented. Whilst I was at Badminton it was very windy and I could smell my pony’s apple scent whilst we were riding. With the splendid scent and the deep cleansing and moisturizing shampoo, I highly recommend this product!

The Absorbine ‘Horseman’s One Step’ leather cleaner and conditioner: When you’re eventing you’ve got to be quick to make those last minute touch ups and Horseman’s One Step is so easy to use. It’s quick, easy, and has the most remarkable finish. Not only that but you can use so little of the cream and it goes a long way.

Thank you Megan! And well done at Badminton, we cant’ wait to see how you and Ester get on next season!