Winter Grooming with Absorbine

February 24, 2016 3:41 pm by
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 Winter Grooming with Absorbine


As we move through February and, hopefully, the last few months of winter weather, you may be feeling as impatient for spring to arrive. This time of year our once luscious green fields have turned into mud baths, and we continue the battle of trying to keep our horses as clean as possible.


As the longer days and greener fields of spring are still a few weeks away, we thought we’d offer some ideas to help your horse beat the winter blues with some winter grooming tips.


Since Christmas we’ve had down pours of rain, sub-zero temperatures, and the odd glimmer of sunshine. The turbulent weather means one thing, mud. Some of the hardy breeds may not require a rug, but it inevitably leads to them rolling in the first patch of mud they find. Even those with rugs, the mud creeps in leaving their coats, manes, and tails a muddy, matted mess. And with the temperatures still hovering around freezing, a wash-down with the hose is simply not an option.


Luckily, Absorbine® has the answer to winter grooming frustrations: ShowSheen Miracle Groom®. A waterless product, ShowSheen Miracle Groom naturally cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles, and shines in just one application.


With no need for soap and water, this non-greasy cleaner can safely be used in cold weather. Before you use it, you’ll want to let the mud on your horse dry for best results. Brush off the loose dirt, then lightly spray the area directly or onto a towel.  Rub the product backward through the horse’s coat. You can also use Miracle Groom on the mane and tail, making this 5-in-1 product useful as a cleaner, conditioner, detangler, and deodorizer.


No matter what the weather, it’s important to keep your horse clean and healthy. With Miracle Groom, you’re one step closer to a clean horse without getting your hands wet and freezing cold.