Hooray For Hooflex!

June 16, 2011 9:14 am by
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Charlotte Friend was the winner of our recent facebook competition for fans with a horse or pony that is kept barefoot to win a bottle of All Natural Hooflex and write a review on it. Charlotte has been using Hooflex on her pony Blue for the last few weeks, this is what she has to say about it:

Hooray for Hooflex! The product was brilliant, it really helped to strengthen Blue’s hooves. The product was very easy to apply, and I could really tell the difference in my pony’s feet within a week of using Hooflex. My farrier even commented on how well the product had protected my pony’s feet. The Hooflex came with very clear instructions on how to use it and as the bottle is so large, it lasts you for ages! Hooflex has been incredible!

Blue had quite strong feet, but sometimes used to hesitate about walking across the yard car park to go out hacking, or along the track to get to the bridleway, as they are quite stony and sore on his feet, but as soon as I started using Hooflex he id not hesitate at all!

I compete him mostly in In-Hand Mountain and Moorland classes as he has just turned 4, but we have started doing a few ridden classes at local shows and we have done very well, as when I got him he had been turned away for most of his life. He is quite unique in competing barefoot in Mountain and Moorland classes as most others are fully shod, especially the Welsh ponies, which he is. I am definitely going to continue to use the product, it has made a considerable difference to my pony’s feet. I wouldn’t dream of using anything else on him!
The full range of Absorbine products including All Natural Hooflex are available from equestrian retailers and Absorbine stockists. All Natural Hooflex RRP: £23.40