Looking after your horses hooves with Absorbine

September 19, 2016 10:44 am by
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Looking after your horses hooves with Absorbine 

One of the many challenges facing horse owners is that of keeping their horse’s hooves healthy. Maintaining healthy hooves is essential to keeping your horse happy and sound, and every horse owner knows the old saying, “No foot, no horse” is as true today as ever.


We rely on farriers to help improve our horse’s hooves, help keep them sound and moving well but horse owners can make a contribution too. You should check your horse’s feet regularly for any sign of cracks or damage, shoe wear or raised clenches. Leading show producer and dressage trainer, Jo Bates, reminds us, “You should check your horse’s feet carefully for any signs of cracking and loose clenches, and ensure that your farrier visits regularly to keep them in good shape. We use Hooflex Original Liquid Conditioner which is excellent to help maintain hoof condition between farrier visits.” 


We as horse owners should do everything we can to make the experience of the farrier coming run smoothly and safely for everyone. Here are some tip for your next farrier visit:


  • Teach your horse to pick up his feet. This may seem obvious but it’s one of the biggest complaints from farriers – horses who don’t pick up and or hold the leg up to be worked on.
  • Clean out the hooves so the farrier can see what he or she is working on and doesn’t have to spend time picking them out.
  • Make sure your horses legs are clean and dry when the farrier arrives. The last thing your farrier wasn’t to see is you dragging your horse in from the field with wet and muddy legs.
  • In the summer months, apply some fly spray so your farrier doesn’t get kicked because of an annoying little insect. Try Absorbine’s UltraShield for ultimate protection against flies.
  • Give your farrier a clean, safe, and well-lit place to work. This will make it easier for your farriers to do their best work.

  • Hoof conditioner will make trimming easier. Apply Hooflex Original Liquid Conditioner or Hooflex Natural Dressing and Conditioner regularly as it helps to maintain the correct moisture balance and fight infection while supporting healthy hoof growth from the coronet band.
  • Don’t apply it half hour before the farrier is due to arrive– no one wants to try and hold onto a freshly-oiled hoof!
  • Pay your farrier. Let’s rephrase that – pay your farrier when and how they ask to be paid. You’ll be more likely to see them again in 6 weeks!
  • Once you find a good farrier for your horse, stick with him. He’ll learn to understand you and your horse’s needs better the longer he works with you. Remember – it’s a team effort between you, the farrier and your vet.